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Bikes Rental Rules

Inventory rented to persons at the age of 18 years, the presentation of the document and the payment of a deposit, the amount of which depends on the leased asset prices. Rent bikes are not insured against theft or other damage, so the tenant is responsible financially for the leased inventory and damage suffered by him under a lease of transmission / reception rates specified in the Act and in accordance with the following listed below "Bicycle and ancillary equipment (inventory) rent":

Lessee, by signing the acceptance certificate EQUIPMENT, agrees and confirms that:
1.2 Leasehold INVENTORY has been tested and is ready to use and there are no complaints about the inventory status;

1.3 lessor provides all the necessary information about the tenant leased INVENTORY use features;

1.4 the tenant is physically fit and healthy inventory and leased access to all the necessary skills and experience.

2.1 tenant, signing the Act confirms that the inventory was transferred to LESSEE neat acting and a full set of equipment. Return landlord about the tenant's fault damaged or incomplete configuration, inventory, damage to fully indemnify the tenant.

2.2 The landlord has the right to demand from tenants margin for the leased inventory.

2.3 INVENTORY must be returned to the lessor mutually agreed (referred to) in time. Reverting EQUIPMENT later, the rental price will be charged for the entire period of use by force or by a separate agreement set rates.

3.1 tenants have the right to use the leased under a signed Bicycle Inventory (inventory) transmission - the adoption of the Act.

3.2 assets to repay the lessor under the terms of the Act, the landlord countersigned by the fact EQUIPMENT return.

3.3 AGENT must protect and conserve leased inventory, and use it for its intended purpose.

3.4 AGENT must pay for services based on LESSOR rates.

3.5 AGENT must inform hirers EQUIPMENT failures and losses, as well as its maturity extension.

3.6 Under the LESSOR rules, tenants must cover the losses made on the INVENTORY his own fault.

4.1 AGENT is fully and unconditionally responsible for the use of leased Inventor period from the transfer and reimbursement.

4.2 AGENT are fully responsible for their own health and life INVENTORY exercise period.

4.3 The landlord is not responsible for damage caused by TENANT INVENTORY use third parties during the period.