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There are a number of rules that are strongly recommended to observe cyclists. First of all - Road Traffic regulations. Remember that an adult can carry on bike no more than 2 children aged <6 years. Bicycle trailer for children have to have 2 brake systems, which are independent of each other. Children, older than 6 years old can ride a bike themself, but for road use is recommended to use the tandem trailer. Ride in a road allows children over 12 years of age, and if they have completed additional training and have a certificate issued by the school, at the age of 10 years. When there is no bicycle lane, allowed to run a series of roadway edge right lane closest to the right edge. In preparation for a longer trip on a bicycle it is advisable to take only essential items are easily possible try pooling. Things should be lightweight, neatly packaged. Clothing and footwear should choose depending on the season and the duration of the route. So we wish clear weather for bike hirers and good experience for cyclists ...


Bycicle rental team